Thursday, March 15, 2012

True Meaning of Beauty

What is the true meaning of beauty?  Beauty means something different to different kinds of people.  The meaning of beauty is influenced by our environmental surrounding, society, media, peers, culture and experiences.  When people think about beauty we think about the physical visual appearance.  I find that the media and society teaches beauty using visual examples. We all know beauty but do we understand it?  Beauty affects everyone’s life yet beauty is filled with mystery for most.  What qualifies an individual to be named beautiful?  Why some people are called beautiful while others are called ugly?  Are beautiful people born or made?  Is beauty an appearance or a feeling? 

From reading my posts you may notice I say learning about beauty is a process, journey and adventure that we experience.  The more life experience I gain the more answers I find.  I also am a strong believer in lifelong learning.  My interpretation of beauty has changed in different directions throughout each stage of my life.  I will tell you my personal interpretation of the true meaning of beauty.  I agree that at this point in my life I have a more solid interpretation then ever however, I do not doubt my interpretation of beauty may still continue to develop as I gain more life experience. 

What is the true meaning of beauty?  Beauty is not only pleasure to the senses; beauty is being pleasant on the inside which transfers to the outside.  One example of this:  have you ever met someone who looked physically attractive at first and then once you got to know they are cold hearted and insecure on the inside, you suddenly see this person in a new light, you do not see any beauty only the ugly.  My theory to why this happens:  First of all every person living on earth has flaws if you see them or not.  People with good inner beauty are recognized by others and other people will focus on their beauty and not notice flaws.  People who are insecure and negative on the inside will make people look at them in a negative way and notice their flaws more.  I use my confidence to hide my flaws and it truly works.           

What is the true meaning of beauty? Beauty is accepting and embracing once unique interior and exterior qualities.  It is human nature for people wanting to belong and to fit in.  People who are different have a hard time feeling like they belong.  Unique qualities are most beautiful, however most people are self-conscious about being unique.   The most beautiful flower is the one that is rare.  This concept was one of my biggest struggles in almost all aspects of life growing up.  I always felt very different from my peers, because of my physical appearance, personality and to the way I think.  I am not going to get too personal but I will give you one small example:  I have very big eyes that are a lot bigger than the average person’s eyes.  When I was in high school girls used to make fun of me because of my eyes and call me bug eyes behind my back.  At this stage in my life I began to be a stronger person, I decided to accept that I am different and I will accept and embrace being different and all my many unique qualities.  Today I still feel very different from my peers but the more I embrace my unique qualities the more I feel beautiful. 

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  1. You sound like you really know your stuff. I was just wondering, so you think people should focus on being beautiful skin deep, like is that where it only counts? I mean I'm awesome either way, but should people focus on being psychically attractive or is that a waste of time and they just just focus on being gorgeous on the inside? Please reply I'm really interested in hearing your answer. :P

  2. I think it is very important to focus on the beauty that is skin deep. It is also important to take care of our health not only mentally but physically. This will make us feel and appear more attractive. I believe being beautiful begins on the inside. For outer beauty I strive for natural beauty solutions. Confidence comes from inside that transfers to outer beauty. I have put together a balance model addresses balancing the inner and outer beauty.

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  5. I think beauty comes from the inside.cus u cnt give what you don't have,so if your not beautiful inside u def cnt be beautiful me no one is physically beautiful instead attractive or pretty should be the appropriate beauty comprises of ones character and behaviour

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  9. Oh my god ! Thank you
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